Park+Beach expanded with HTM Bike and Laakhaven and Malieveld garages

Since 1 April, it is possible to use Park+Beach to choose HTM Bike as well as the tram Passengers can park their car in the garages at New Babylon, Laakhaven or Malieveld. It is possible for a maximum of five people also to book the tram or HTM Bike to go to Scheveningen. Park+Beach is an initiative of The Hague municipality, Q-Park and HTM to reduce the traffic congestion in Scheveningen. The service is usually offered in the weekends; from 1 April you can book at Q-Park every day for the time being. You can travel by tram via a QR code, and with a discount code you receive 2x 1 hour credit via the HTM Bike app.


The HTM panel is implemented by Citisens

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