New card readers in bus and tram

New public transport smartcard readers have been installed in all HTM’s trams and buses. This can take some getting used to. Checking in and out with these new card readers is similar to contactless payment in a shop. To check in and out, it’s easiest to hold your smartcard from underneath and briefly keep it still in front of the reader. Wait until the card reader beeps to show that checking in or out has worked. What if the reader doesn’t recognise your smartcard? Try it one more time by presenting your card and holding it still in front of the reader once again. The ease of checking in and out was awarded 8.2 by the HTM Panel in the third quarter of 2021. One year ago, it got 8.3.


The HTM panel is implemented by Citisens

Chamber of Commerce: 53147413 | UID: 8507.67.970