A questions, complaint or suggestion for HTM?

If you have any questions for HTM or would like to make a suggestion, please complete the online HTM Customer Service response form. This ensures that your question or comment will go straight to the appropriate people at HTM.

About the HTM-panel

If you have any questions about the HTM panel or have problems registering, please contact the Citisens research agency, which manages the HTM panel. In this case, please send a message to and include your name and address.

About the evaluations

We regularly send panel members the request to evaluate a journey made on an HTM tram, a RandstadRail train or an HTM bus. We might also have some questions about other topics. These all involve online forms or questionnaires that can easily be completed in next to no time at all. You will find instructions for journey evaluations here. If you have any questions when completing a form or questionnaire, please send a message to We will be more than happy to help.


The HTM panel is implemented by Citisens

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