New information panels at stops with digital travel information

At the start of this year, at all stops where there are digital travel information signs, the information at the stop was updated. The main modification, about which you regularly make remarks, concerned the absence of the list of departure times in the shelter. In place of this, a QR code has therefore been printed. The paper summaries are very sensitive to error, and so don’t always provide the correct information.

Do you want to see up-to-date departure times? Then scan the code on the panel using your phone. Or consult the HTM site or HTM travel information app. In the near future, the panels will be made more user-friendly on certain points. The list of departure times will simply remain up at stops where no digital travel information is available. The information at the stop was awarded 7.9 by the HTM Panel in the third quarter of 2021. One year ago, this was 7.8. We hope to increase the mark still more through further improvements


The HTM panel is implemented by Citisens

Chamber of Commerce: 53147413 | UID: 8507.67.970